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Into complete story from Teacher Herouni’s discoveries during the Carahunge, check out the blog post below from the Armenia Today journalist Gayane Mkrtchyan

Into complete story from Teacher Herouni’s discoveries during the Carahunge, check out the blog post below from the Armenia Today journalist Gayane Mkrtchyan

Generally the reason being of its have fun with because an occasion marker, their celebs getting very around the north celestial pole it disperse hardly any across the generations. Then there is their reputation on the Milky Ways, where exactly which starry weight bifurcates in order to create what’s known since the Cygnus Rift or Black Rift. Widely, this place of one’s air is known due to the fact point from availability on the sky-globe, including a location regarding cosmic beginning and you may dying. That often the newest identity ones wild birds corresponded which have the a-listers out-of Cygnus have been illustrated inside the regional mythologies – a falcon in Egypt, a vulture towards Euphrates and you will a great swan in Hellenic Greece and you may Chicken.

I am not saying amazed you to Carahunge is actually aimed to Cygnus, although it is fun whenever an individual’s theories receive so you’re able to getting real. I additionally envision there’s much more to learn about the fresh prehistoric opinions of your proto Armenians, and exactly how they kept real age old values that returned of up to Palaeolithic minutes.

It had been plus the put where in actuality the souls of your dry flew on the afterlife, that often with, or even in the form of, an effective bird, seen as a great psychopomp , a heart company

Teacher Herouni enjoys published a text away from his findings with respect in order to Carahunge. Entitled ARMENIANS And you will Dated ARMENIA “, it provides persuasive proof that this epic megalithic web site more than 200 updates stones dispersed round the 7 hectacres, was created and asian hookup app online you can employed by an enhanced civilization. The book provides reveal cause out of how brick monument works because the an astronomical observatory, and you will teaches you the perspective just like the base part out-of Armenia and you may Armenian background.

A different sort of book states one to Armenia’s Carahunge observatory try proof the planet’s oldest society. Scientist and you may radio physicist Paris Herouni argues inside the “Armenians and you may Dated Armenia” you to definitely an advanced society existed in Armenia seven,five-hundred years back. Herouni, a scholar off Radiotechnical Service out of Moscow Strength Institute possess 350 blogged scientic work, and additionally monographs and 23 patents. Due to the fact 2000 he’s a person in the group “People to Anybody Ambassador” Usa, which has 30 most readily useful researchers of the globe.

Herouni, 72, claims which he wasn’t trying to obtain fame otherwise revolutionize records together with publication, wrote into the . Thanks to careful study, he states, he achieved the finish that brick community in the Carahunge try research you to definitely Armenia’s civilization predates new Egyptians and you may Sumerians by the 2,five-hundred age.

“Discover breathtaking property around the world – the fresh new pyramids from Egypt, Stonehenge, wonderful temples in South American rainforests, that happen to be authored about 6-15,one hundred thousand years back. That happen to be the people? The country will not know,” according to him.

I do believe one to in years ahead we are going to discover an effective much more concerning the cult of your own swan, and its particular link to the first sky-religions of ancient business

“Boffins discover that all of those would be the outcome of a beneficial establish people, nonetheless they don’t know where you to definitely culture originated in. So it publication brings a reply: Carahunge explains that eight,five hundred in years past Armenians possessed a stable and you may comprehensive studies. It understood the Environment are bullet, understood its models. They know that Earth was rotating doing its axis, plus the statutes of your course of one’s cone-designed axis, known as precession.”

From year to year since the 1994 Herouni provides structured scientific expeditions at the his individual expenses to analyze Carahunge, which is mainly based nearby the town of Sisian, 2 hundred miles south-east away from Yerevan. It is composed of a huge selection of vertically standing rocks out-of and therefore 223 was indeed numerated by Herouni’s medical expedition. Of those, 84 stones keeps gaps measuring cuatro-5 centimeters when you look at the diameter and prepared carefully, pointing in numerous information. Carahunge includes 80 stone telescopic systems, having preserved the accuracy. Herouni states as possible use them for performs even now.

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